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Passport Requirements

I see in several documents that Italy requires that your passport be valid for 90 days after the completion of your visit. Is this a hard and fast rule that they always enforce?

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The airlines are supposed to check all these things today. Is it possible they'll miss it and the Italian end will miss it? Sure.

But is it worth it?

BTW are you sure it needs to be 90 days after the end and not 90 days after your entry?

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Mitchell, I witnessed someone trying to leave the US with a passport which was expiring in 6 months being denied boarding. I'm not sure if there were other factors involved. I would suggest verifying that the your airlines will let you board the plane to get you to Italy.

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I don't know if it is a hard and fast rule but I'm not sure I would want to test it. I have also heard of people not being allowed to enter a country unless the passport is valid for the appropriate period. We (Australians) are always told 6 months.