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Carry-on Luggage on Alitalita -- can it be done?!

Hi again everyone,
Have seen this addressed before, but frankly did not believe it. Haha to me. Went to Alitalia's website this a.m. Am I reading it correctly? (The conversions are mine):
"You are allowed to carry only one piece of hand luggage onboard which must not exceed the following dimensions (including handles, side pockets and wheels):
Weight: 5 kgs. 11 POUNDS ???!!!
Length: 55 cm 21.6 INCHES
Height: 25 cm 9.8
Depth: 35 cm 13.7

Personal belongings such as briefcases and portable computers are considered to be hand luggage which you can take onboard in addition to the above...."

So I do get the fact that you can have 2 carry-ons: 1 suitcase-ish and one pocket-bookish/computer-ish type of things,but 11 pounds for the main item???

I have ALWAYS done carry-on only, no checked luggage, but this seems impossible to me with these restrictions--esp the weight. I have an ultra-lite wheelie dealie, but when I weighed it today with ONLY my clothes and shoes in it, it weighed 24 lbs. Staying for 2 weeks, planning to do some laundry, so I guess I can take out some stuff.

Have I overpacked? Can carry-on only still be done by you guys?? If you all can do, then by golly I am going to do it too! What do you pack it in if you do carry-on...duffles? And then take a sep. collapsible luggage carrier?

Thanks for any ideas!

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I used Alitalia a couple yeaars ago and took a backpack that did not meet the requirements listed above (or on the website) and didn't have any problem. Of course, it is possible that they have cracked down in the intervening time. I was prepared to check my backpack, if necessary, but there was not even an eyebrow raised when I said that I didn't have any luggage to check and would just take the backpack that I was wearing.

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I'm taking Alitalia from Rome to Boston at the end of a 6-week trip this summer and looked at that when I reserved my ticket last month and just laughed. It will make carrying it on absolutely unavoidable.

No less restrictive is Virgin Atlantic, which allows 6 kilos but ONLY ONE PIECE total, a personal item must be inside the carry-on for weight/count purposes. Geez. Seems like it's getting to the point where no matter how light you pack, checking something in will be nearly unavoidable.