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Rome to Sorrento Transportation

What's the best way to get from Rome to Soreento. My travel agent informed me there were no trains. I have an Eurail Italy saverpass,first class. THANKS for any advice ! Gene

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You need a new travel agent. You take a train from Rome to Naples, then transfer to the Circumvesuviano train which takes you to Sorrento. It is all explained in detail in RS book.

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Be aware that Circumvesuviana trains are part of a private commuter rail line so your Eurail pass will NOT be good on them. However, service is frequent and cheap. The trains leave from the lower level of the Napoli Centrale station.

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I like the recommendation to ditch the travel agent...where do these people get off calling themselves travel agents and attempting to help you plan a trip when they don't even know that there IS a train from Rome to Sorrento???

I would much rather a TA tell me "I don't know" than to tell me some made-up story that's gonna cause me problems later on. I stopped using TAs years ago.