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6 hour layover

We have approximately a 6 hour layover in Zurich, arriving at 6:20am and leaving Zurich at 12:15pm on our way to Naples Italy. Wondering if this gives us any time to quickly do some site seeing? Never been to Zurich.

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For 6 hours, I would just stay at the airport.

Zurich is not in the mountains and is more of a business/residence city than a tourism destination.

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You don’t really have 6 hours
If your flight is on time-By the time you deplane, go thru passport control, retrieve your luggage( if you have any)
It could already be 8? 8:30?
Get to train it’s about 15 min in to Zurich, another 15 min plus getting back to the station to get back to the airport

You’d need to be back to go thru security, find your gate -so return to airport by 10:45 at latest?

Gives you 2 hours at best

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Unless you're familiar with where you're going and the intricacies of transport options, you don't have time to leave the airport and do any sightseeing.
Getting out and wandering is easy, it's the getting back, anticipating any traffic or, delays, then getting through security part which will be much time will you really have to 'enjoy' Zurich? best, probably an hour.

After deplaning, you'll go through passport control, which will vary from 10-minutes to an hour, depends on how many int'l flights are arriving and how many officers are processing each passenger. The bulk of your time will be getting through this part, then move with the heard down to the tram connecting the various terminals.

From there, you'll get familiar with where you are and find out where your connecting flight is located. At this point, you can wander the airport, check out the various eating and shopping options, along with any other amenities. You could also see if a day-pass is available at the lounge with the airline you're flying out on.

If you're intent on leaving the airport, this guide might be of help.

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We had a similar early morning layover in Zurich on a recent trip. There is a transit hotel in the airport very close to passport control. We paid for a three hour stay. We slept for two hours, showered and headed to our gate in plenty of time. We felt so much more human after the rest. The nap was early enough in the day that we made up some of the sleep deficit but still slept well that night. There are signs for the transit hotel as you follow signs for the connecting flight. It’s a fairly long walk from the first flight, but the hotel was close to our connecting gate.