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Airport Transfers

What is the best and most cost effective way to get from the airport to downtown hotels in Rome?

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Depends on what you're referring to as "downtown." If you're talking about the Termini area, it's the Leonardo Express. To other areas, it might be a taxi. As for "cost effective," it depends on how many are in your party. Check earlier posts on this board for lots of discussions on this topic.

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Our hotel, Hotel Sonya, booked us a shuttle for only 14 euro each way. The train cost is 11 euro. The shuttle was prompt and easy. This was very convenientfor tired arrivals not wanting to deal with the train station first thing.

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Train would be the most cost effective depending on where your hotel is in relation to the main train station. Otherwise there are several shuttle services - try google to find one. Depending on how many their are travelling this may be the easiest way. Otherwise you may find a limo service will be the best. I used Jimmy tours. It cost 50Euro and the driver spoke perfect english and the car was a late model Benz. To me they were worth the cost.

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vince: train: u get to see/feel where you are at, get a little "debriefing"..most hotels/hostels are blocks near the termini.