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Italy in October

Travel trips for italy in October.

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I am heading to Italy in October also. I am also looking for some tips. The one I do have is that I hear October is a wonderful month for harvest. Mushrooms, truffles, fish too.

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I have been to Italy in October and the weather was great. I layered and if it got too warm I just removed clothing. I found a light sweater and jacket did work the best. Less crowds and less waiting in line. Have a great time.

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You picked one of the best months. I was there last year at the end of September beginning of October. Weather is great, although it can rain, so I suggest that you may want to bring a light rain coat or be prepared to buy an umbrella or disposable rain coat there. If you are south it can still be hot in the 80s (so if you want it is still warm enough to go to the beach), but it tends to cool off at night. Light jacket or sweater good idea to bring. Lines can get long, so when you can reserve your museums in advance that is the best. If you can, take advantage of the harvest season. I was in Sicily and I had the opportunity to watch them harvest grapes and I sampled the first olive oil from the have never tasted such pure olive oil in your life! There was also a festival of Pistaccio's. If you can stay at a agriculturismo place during this time, I think it would be well worth it. Everything else is pretty much the same. Boun Viaggio!