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Rome in November

A friend and I will be in Rome 17-20 November, and I'm wondering what the crowds/lines will be like. I know it's the low season, but I'm not sure what that really means for crowds in Rome. Obviously I'll be there no matter what the crowds are like, but I'd like to be prepared for lines and that sort of thing.

Thanks for any info and perspectives.

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Hi, Tanya.

I was in Rome in November of last year. I can't speak for other sites, but the line to get into St. Pietro was HUGE. (I've got a photo of that line in my online album at: ). Sadly, you have to go through metal detectors now-a-days to get in, and at that time there were only 3 detectors for everyone.

Still... Generally, of course, most sites will have far shorter waits to get into then during high season. I LOVE the off-season personally. Walked right into the Louvre without any wait two years ago, for instance.

Have fun!


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I haven't been in November but I generally go to Italy in March or early April which is also a quieter time. I was there March this year and has no problems anywhere I went even St Peters. Yes I did have to queue for security but it went through quite quickly. The Vatican queue may be the challenging one. I don't think that changes much. I was actually able to get near the Trevi fountain which was a first. I think you should be fine.