La Spezia Train Station

I am booking some train travel on-line for my upcoming trip. I will be traveling from Florence to La Spezia to catch the local train to Cinque Terra. The Trenitalia site lists 3 stations in La Spezia: Centrale, Main Station and Migliarina. Which station do I want?


Posted by Swan
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La Spezia Centrale. I think that is considered the "main" train station. Anyway, the CT trains leave from there.

Posted by Dorothy
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Leaving from Florence, do we have to change trains in Pisa before arriving in La Spezia?

Posted by Larry
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You want La Spezia Centrale. There are no direct trains to the CT. You will either change in Pisa or La Spezia and most likely both. Or you may change in Viareggio. Not a big worry, it's just the way the train system works. Here's a SAMPLE SCHEDULE. Note that on the ICPlus train or EC train that you see on the schedule out of Pisa, you will need seat reservations. You won't need them on any of the "R" trains as they are not permitted. They are locals. You just get on and take your seat.

Posted by David
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Hi Anne:
When traveling north to the Cinque Terre from Pisa, you want to avoid changing trains at La Spezia - because when your train arrives from Pisa, there is no way to tell from which of the multiple platforms at La Spezia Centrale station the local train to the CT leaves from. To find out this information, you literally have to run down the stairs from the platform and through the pedestrian underpass under the tracks to the station ticket office, in order to look at the big train departure board located next to the ticket windows to determine the correct platform - and then run back to the correct platform before the CT local train leaves. (Try doing that in less than 3 minutes - while hauling luggage.) Miss that local train, and you'll likely wait 2 hours for the next one! The (much) easier way is to take the 10.40 am train from Pisa direct to Riomaggiore - and then wait for the CT local train at tiny Riomaggiore station.

Posted by Ken
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From what I remember, there are large schedule boards on each of the platforms at La Spezia Centrale. When I was there last fall, I checked the schedule quickly, and asked a station agent (who happened to be on the Platform) to confirm which train to Board.

The C.T. train wasn't hard to spot, as it's a bit older than the IC or ICE trains.

There's undoubtedly several ways one can get to the C.T. I certainly agree that it's not desirable to have to go down through the "Sottopassagio" and then up to the ticket window, as it wastes a lot of time.