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Venetian Glass

Has anyone shipped Venetian Glass home to the US? I am concerned about breakage during shipping.

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Ken, I just received this info from another poster. Hope this helps.

tell the shopkeeper you plan on shipping it overseas and ask him to pack it accordingly. Then watch to make sure he does an adequate job.

Later, send by regular mail, which is easy even if you can't understand the language. If some items are gifts put all the recipeints names on the shipping label (multiple addresses aren't necessary as lonjg as the shipment is noted "consolitdated gift package" and "unsolicited gift"; U S regulat6ions allow you to send items valued up to $100 for each person listed, duty -free. Depending on how soon you want to get the items home, ship via freight or express courier. Either way, pay extra for insurance, which costs 50 cents to $1.50 per $100 of the items's value.

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Hi Ken,

I didn't do the packing and shipping but I bought some glass in Murano and the storepacked and shipped it for me (for which there is a fee). It arrived with no problems; in fact it beat me home. Hope that help if that was what you meant.

Los Angeles

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Yes. It was packed and shipped by the retailer. One very large bowl and a dozen small(5-15 euro)items. It was insured. We photographed the items for insurance purposes as well as to remember what we purchased. Did it make it? Yes but,...We sent 3 boxes home from Europe; 2 from Switzerland and the one from Venice. The 2 from Switzerland were unmolested, but the glass got snagged in customs. They wanted a detailed description of what was in the box. Digital photography comes in very handy, huh? One side note; the small items of glass we bought all had "Murano" labels on them and they made excellent Christmas gifts to those in the know.

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If you go in the off season of March to Murano you can get some really good deals on Murano glass from shopkeepers who are waiting on the high tourist season to pick up. We were offered a beautiful 6 light Murano Chandelier - one of the most beautiful and intricate I had seen for about 700 Euro including shipping.

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we bought glass in venice years ago and had it shipped by the factory. it all arrived just fine, but i think we had to pay duty on it, as it was quite expensive. if it were me, i'd buy seconds or copies. my husband still refuses to tell me how much he paid for our set...

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We shipped a small vase a few years back and had no problems. The shop did all packing/shipping. I did have to pay another $30-40 to pick it up from the post office. US Customs (via the local USPS) figured is was worth more than my alloted amount. I could have argued with them but I really just wanted my vase.

On a different trip, some of the people we were traveling with purchased a much more expensive piece of glass. Again, the shop packaged/shipped. It was a surprise gift so it was shipped to our address, again we were charged by US Customs (although legitimately) about $200. This is a very reputable shop, I could get the name if you are interested.

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I carried my aquarium with me. It was heavy - but I wanted control of it. I'd waited 10 years for that aquarium (saw it on the first trip and didn't get it!) and I was not going to let anything happen to it!