Cinque Terra trains

Does anyone know what time in the morning the local milk trains in the Cinque Terra start running? We want to leave rather early and I really need to know approximately when they start. Thanks!

Posted by Cora
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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I was in Cinque Terre last May and picked up a small time table of the train times which I kept as a soviener. From what it looks like the first train going into Cinque Terra is at 4:30am and the first in the morning leaving Cinque Terre (Monterosso) is 4:50am with the next one at 6:26am and then 7:07. The schedules do change often though so make sure you get a copy the day you arrive. I must warn you though trains in Cinque Terra are almost never on time!

In fact I would give yourself an extra 30 - 45 mins if you need to make a connection. Also as a warning I stayed in Vernazza and not all the trains stop in all the towns some just go straight to Monterosso. I did have to take a train from Vernazza to La Spezia to transfer to get to Rome and my 7:20am train was 15 mins late, luckly I left myself time to get my trian in La Spezia. Check out for some of the train times, but don't bet on the first one (or even the second)!

Posted by Linda
G C, Pennsylvan, USA
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To get the timetable on, put in the name of the town in the Cinque Terre you will be leaving from (Monterosso, Vernazza, etc) and La Spezia as the end point if going south or maybe Genoa if going north.

Posted by Maricela
La Verne, CA, USA
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When you say always late, do you mean 5 -10 minutes or over 20 minutes late?