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money belts

i was in rome, florence , and naples, during a 2 week time end of april.that being said..
i had a HECK of a time with money belts[i had BOTH]; after having my passport stolen in rome..[i went to the borghese gallery and i guess after getting it back in exchange for the "audiophone", it somehow didn't get zipped right]..i realised:
1- for everyday walk around you don't need to carry ALL your money, passports, etc. if u DO find something worth more then you are carrying, just saunter back, or get it next day.
2- for those "exchange I.D. for audiophones, etc.", all u need is US drivers liscence, anything like that..or 50 euros; anyting that if stolen, won't ruin your trip.
3- i only used hostels: i felt VERY safe leaving my stuff there..some places even had cameras, and all of them had secure locks.
4-the PROBLEM with money belts, is if you DO need them, it was tricky/embarassing, to hide in a corner , and try to get it out from beneath my underware, etc. that's what happened at the Borghese, and that's how i lost my passport.
5- SOLUTION? simple...just have a pair of pants with those brass buttons that you really have to tug on to open [if YOU have to, so does any pickpocket]; either buy a pair or 2, or sew them on yourself.carry little $$ [the most i ever carried was 100eu.and always had leftover at the end of the day], carry SMALL i.d., and get out there and enjoy yourself!

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Jim, you listed all the reasons why we ditched our money belts, and went to neck purses. They work great!

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Jim, how awful! I'm still confused on how your passport was stolen though? Going to Italy in 2 weeks on a guided tour. Feel we're prepared for those hands, zippers! Several years ago walking in Rome(broad daylight)encountered the little gypsy kids running up to us & then the adult does the display of cheap souvenirs displayed on a piece of cardboard which hung around her neck. Realized immediately what was trying to take place. They shove that large piece of cardboard right up to your waist while the kids are underneath scurrying around to grab what they can. As soon as they approached us we made a scene and waived them off. Hoping we don't encounter any mishaps this time over. Once on the metro in Paris we had to stand & hold onto the rail. Right in front of my eyes I saw a man try & slide his hand underneath my husbands sportscoat. I grabbed that guys hand so fast and just yelled at him while a local man chewed him out! Have to keep eyes open & be aware of surroundings.

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Jim - I echo Steve's comments. I tried the money belt on my first trip in 1993 and it did not work for me. I have happily used the neck purse ever since . . .

Have fun.

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What do you guys mean, exactly, when you say "neck purses?" Is this the thing that looks like a money belt but doesn't go underneath your clothes? Someone please clarify! (Thank you).

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Go to the travel store section of this web site, and in the accessories section you will find an item called a "Silk Neck Wallet". There is a picture of a neck wallet.

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And a neck wallet most definitely does go under your clothes, same as a money belt does. The idea is to have a secret stash for things you don't need constantly but want to keep with you to make sure they're safe. Just like the money belt, you don't go into the neck wallet unless you're in a bathroom stall or somewhere else that no one can see that you're wearing it.

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It's interesting to hear how people wear their money belts. I've always worn it like a belt--I put it through the belt loops of my pants or shorts. Of course, we wear a shirt over the money belt and it's made by PacSafe (has theft resistent features). What I didn't like about the neck pouch is I was always putting my hand down the front of my shirt. I had also heard that people can see the cord around your neck and attempt to cut it. That's where the PacSafe neck pouch comes in handy--there's wire embedded into the cord. Then again, maybe it's what a man is comfortable wearing versus what a women is comfortable wearing (or taking out of their clothes).

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So, we are going to Italy soon and I was planning on using the neck wallet. You are saying that you shouldn't take that out unless you are somewhere where people can't see you? Seems like that might be tough to do if you are out and about and there isn't a bathroom available. If people know that you have it they still can't get to it can they short of riping it off your neck...?

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That is correct Heath. I wear my money belt inside my pants but not inside my underwear so when I have to get something out of it I just pull the money belt up just enough to get what I need and then push it back down. I really don't care if someone knows I am wearing a money belt because they cannont get to it short of knocking me out. Also, I have not had the problem many people have as far as it being uncomfortable. After wearing it a few hours I don't notice that I am wearing it. For others they never get to a comfort level wearing one and I understand that. The neck pouch works for some and the money belt works for others.

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My husband has always carried all our documents and cash in a neck wallet. Works great and it's faster than taking something from inside your pants.