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5 days in Italy

How do we do Rome, Florence and Venice in 5 days? We're flying in and out of Rome (FCO). Is this possible?

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Possible? Yes. Enjoyable, worthwhile, worth the effort. No!

It would in theory be doable, but there would be so much traveling and changing hotels that it would be a great waste of your time in Italy. Just stay in Rome and save the others for the next time. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied for 5 days.

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You might be able to fit Florence in as a long day trip, but definitely not Venice which is essentially on the opposite side of the country.

I would suggest following Ron's advice and stick to Rome. Do your 5 days include the flights? If so, you have less than 5 days. If not, I would suggest getting Rick's Rome city guidebook and following the suggestions for a week in Rome (cutting back a day trip or a couple sights you don't care about to fit your schedule).

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Yes, these three cities in 5 days - with travel - is probably a reach. I'd stay in Rome also, and perhaps do a one-day to Florence on Eurostar if I wanted to see "other parts" of Italy.

One day in Firenze is certainly not enough but it will give you a different flavor than Rome. I tell all my friends who visit that Rome IS NOT Italy... it's Rome. Italy is a totally different world/flavor than Rome! So if it's your first time here, maybe a day trip to Firenze or outside of Rome!

We often do day-trips to Florence (Firenze) from Rome and catch the last Eurostar train (9:52 PM) home as it only takes about 1.5 hours! With your tickets already purchased, and flights in/out of FCO, I would stay in Rome and save Venice for your next visit! Good luck!


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Thank you so much!!! You've put my heart at ease. We've been debating this for the last couple of weeks. It's better to hear it from people who have been there. Roma it is. Maybe a day trip to Firenze.

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We are flying into Rome from Athens, staying two nights, taking an early afternoon train to Florence for two nights and then a late afternoon train to Venice for a one night stay - taking the midnight train out of there toward Germany. Granted, we are hitting only the highlights in each city (colisseum-forum/Vatican; Uffizi/Accademia; the Grand Canal via vaparetto), with time for plaza strolls and gelato each day. We are carrying everything on our backs so we can move around without luggage dragging. I may be Pollyana, but I've said this on this site before. Don't let anyone talk you out of trying to cram it all in ala Rick Steves. Who knows when you'll be able to make the trip again!

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I did Rome and Venice in 5 days but I flew into one and out of the other....may be doable if you can find a cheap flight Rome to Venice the first day then work your way back and end with 2 nights in Rome?

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I also think its too much.Id stay in Rome 2 nights and then arrange to return for 2 more, Spending one night in the middle of the 5 in Florence. Id travel light leaving most of my luggage in Rome. Thats doable.