40th anniversary, special 3 days in Rome

hello, Hubby and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in Rome this April! We have only 3 days planned, so I want to stay in the Pantheon area to maximize the convenience getting around. It is a special occasion so we want to get really nice accommodations, but are still trying to watch the budget. Has anyone stayed in the suites in the hotels that Rick Steves recommends? Or even another hotel in the same area? Which hotel has the nicest suite for a reasonable price? (under 450 euros) Thanks a bunch! Excited,

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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http://www.nycerome.com/ Click on the area you'd like to stay (or click on hotel by location). From the results look at the Townhouse Suites listings. Search a little and make your choice. April gets busy so do it soon.

Posted by Barbara
C.B.S., NL, Canada
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Thank you! I'll go check out the website right away. Barbara

Posted by Zoe
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Hotel Sole near the Pantheon might be what you want, it's on the piazza. On a quiet side street near Piazza Navona is Hotel Raphael. Both are out of my price range but I've heard from friends and travel pros that both are terrific hotels.

Posted by Barbara
C.B.S., NL, Canada
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Thank you for your suggestions! It is really helpful when going to a new destination to have advice and input from people that have experienced the destination personally. Your kind replies are really appreciated. After a bit more digging, I have been closely considering at Albergo Santa Chiara and the Albergo del Sonato and finally Portoghesi Hotel. The Portoghesi is much less expensive than the other two (320 euros vs 420-470 euros), but seems to be more distant for buses, taxis and a walk to the Pantheon instead of being just around the corner. I am not disabled, but I do have mobility issues with very bad knees so walking long distances can sometimes be an issue. Hubby has hip issues as well. We want to spend our time walking AT the sights rather than getting there. Rick Steves guidebook recommends Chiara and Portoghesi while Trip Advisor recommends Sonato as #2 of all hotels in Rome. The prices are a little more than I would like, but it is for a short stay and a very special occasion for us so perhaps it will be worthwhile to splurge. Unfortunately, more money on the hotel means less money for sightseeing and dining, so I am indecisive. Looking online, I find it difficult to choose. They all look like great hotels. Thanks again, Barbara

Posted by Diane
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Albergo del Senato is in a fabulous location. Check out their rooftop web cam of the Pantheon - use your mouse/arrows to make the camera scan the piazza.
http://www.albergodelsenato.it/webcam.php I've also stayed at the Boutique Hotel Trevi, Rome. Literally steps from the Trevi fountain. I walked to the Pantheon every morning (my favorite building in Rome or anywhere!) and it's an easy walk.