4 Days after Florence

I have four free days after Florence and need some suggestions. I will be on my own at this point. I have been to all the usual suspects (San G. Pisa, Lucca, Volterra, Arezzo and lots of other villages. What I have missed is Siena, Perugia and Bologna...so am thinking along those lines. For the first time I don't think I will have a car(may change my mind) but don't want to go too far from Florence as that is where I fly out. So... I don't need a bunch of museums...just some Italian lifestyle, food, wine and a place or two to hang out that is accessible by bus or train. Also, anyplace else that might be a little more offbeat. I am a photographer if that plays into suggestions. Thanks.
I will be there next month... end of Oct.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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For cities. Siena, Perugia and Bologna are good. If you have a car you might be able to squeeze Perugia and Assisi or Gubbio (by public transportation it's kind of hard). Pistoia and Montecatini are another idea. For countryside. Chianti (but you've probably been there). Mugello valley. Casentino valley. Or take a look at the websites below. I'm sure you can find stuff you haven't seen yet: http://www.borghiditoscana.net/

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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I think that's the first time I've seen Pistoia mentioned here. We stayed in Montecatini Terme and visited Pistoia and Prato on a day trip from there and I liked Pistoia. I was on an art & architecture tour of Tuscany and both of these towns had wonderful things to see. You've maybe been to Montecatini but I think it's a nice central place to stay and easy to get to Florence by train and to Siena by bus or car (if you have one).

Posted by Paige
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I love Siena. You would need to take a taxi from the train station into Siena but it is a beautiful, walkable, authentic town. I went to Chiusi in July and enjoyed it very much although where I stayed (right outside) was wonderful...a car was a must...which I did not have.
I am assuming you are not interested in staying along the sea for those days? Many options and photography opportunities there!

Posted by Zoe
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Pistoia is easily reached from Florence. Ravenna and Ferrara are also great cities for atmosphere and photo ops. Siena is beautiful (you can take a local bus from the train station into the town, or you can take a bus from Florence to Siena). Certaldo Alto might also be a good choice for you.

Posted by Terry kathryn
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Hey Zoe... we need to get together for coffee so I can hear about your trip. Taking all suggestions into consideration. Will make some sort of plan soon. Still deciding if I will be happy without a car.
Certaldo Alto...I photographed a wedding there a few years ago and found it a really charming place. One of my favorite and best selling images is of a little cafe there. I would consider going back.