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I have a new canon rebel battery charger since my last trip. it says on the back:
"input: 110v-240v AC 50/60 Hz
22VA (100v)-30VA(240V)"

Is that going to work with just an adapter plug? or will I need my converter?

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This charger should indeed work in Europe. 110v-240v AC 50/60 hz means that it's autosensing. It will sense any voltage within that range. I work in data centers and all of our new servers do this.

I have the new Blackberry World phone and I have the same kind of adapter. However, on my charger, I can remove the U.S. plug from the charger body and slide on any one of 3 different other plugs for other places in the world including Italy. Question. Does your charger have this capability? Look close. If no, you may need to look at the Canon website to see if they have a device that accepts the U.S. plug on one side and has the Italy plug on the other. No charger - just a plug converter. At this point, you don't have a charger or voltage problem, you have a plug compatibility problem.

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Sally, as the others have stated, the Charger supplied with your Camera is a "world charger" and will operate just fine in Europe.

You will need Plug Adapters specific to the countries you'll be visiting though. There are different Adapters for the U.K. than for mainland Europe.