Marozzi bus from Rome to Sorrento

I would like to take the Marozzi bus from Rome to Sorrento. I am having difficulty finding the schedule and their website is in Italian. I am going mid October.

Posted by Francis
Eugene, Oregon, USA
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Leaves 2pm, from Rome Tiburtina Bus Station arrive around 5pm at the Sorrento train station.

Click on brit flag upper left.
Read that Marozzi does't run in October. Will check.

English Marozzi table.
Note there is no listing after Sep 30th.


Posted by GAC
Los Angeles
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I believe that the Marozzi service between Rome and Sorrento continues throughout the year, but that the service between Rome and Amalfi stops after 9/30.

Posted by cynthia
Algonquin, Ill, usa
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I really hope that's so, I would really rather take the bus. If anyone know for sure ,please let me know.

Posted by Amy
Washington, DC
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We are trying to do the same on a Sunday in mid-October. Looks like there are 2 bus services: Curreri and Marozzi, however Curreri does not seem to run on Sundays. I have also had difficulty verifying the Marozzi schedule. Please let me know if you find more info. Thanks!

Posted by cynthia
Algonquin, Ill, usa
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Thank you. I was able to ascertain that the bus is running the day I wish to travel from Rome to sorrento in mid october. Thanks!

Posted by cynthia
Algonquin, Ill, usa
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I did use the bus and found it to be quite adequate. The posting of departure areas was a little lacking and it is assigned seating. Bus was half empty.