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All Saints Day

I'm going to be in Italy during All Saints Day, Nov. 1, and I was wondering how much would be closed/open that day. What should I expect? I've read both - that everything would be open and that most stuff would be closed - so I'm not sure what to believe. Anyone have experience being in Italy around that time?

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Where in Italy will you be on November 1? Some stores will be closed but if you are in a large city there will enough things open that the religious holiday won't put a damper on your day. All Saints Day may effect some Catholic sights, like the Vatican Museum will be closed but St Peter's will still be open. Your best bet would be to contact your hotel in whatever city you will be in. If you haven't finalized your itinerary try to be in large city as some of the tiny villages may pretty much shut down for the holiday.

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We didn't even realize that All Saint's Day was a big event in Italy. We were fortunate to have already planned a "travel" day, taking the train from Venice to Sienna. If it's possible for your itinerary, it's a great way to avoid being frustrated with closed museums.

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Thanks for the comments so far.

Our hotel is in Montecatini (not sure if that's the exact spelling cause I don't it in front of me) and I believe it's a fairly small town. Our trip is a group tour and the itinerary for that day is going into Florence. There is a note on the web site that says the itinerary could change for several things including holidays. The day before is a scheduled trip to tour a Tuscan farm and have dinner there - I'm thinking maybe I should see if they could switch those two days. :)