3 weeks in Tuscany

My husband and I are turning 60 next year and want to find a place to stay that will allow us to feel Italy We are good hikers and very active. We cook, bike, wander on foot to moped, and love adventure. Can you help with your favorite rentals (can be with or without air since going in sept/oct.), and then tell us about your favorite places and magical moments I did something like this with Switzerland and we were transported to Heidiville thru all the beautiful villages. Write us about the experiences that have forever left their mark in your memory. Can't wait for your reply!

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Susan: You have so many questions that you'd do best to go to a bookstore, Amazon.com or the library to get some travel books, like Rick Steves' Italy. I prefer to stay in one place 4-5 days doing day trips by rental car throughout an area. Then, move down the road to the next large city or region.
If you've never been to Italy, many think Venice, Florence and Rome are the must see cities. Tuscany is a rather quiet farm region mostly south of Florence. There's just so much more to see within 2 hours train ride in any direction.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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You may be overly optimistic about the AC. On my first trip, in mid-October, I was very grateful for the fan in my Venice room, and used the AC in my Florence room all the time.