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3 weeks in Italy

I am taking my grdaughter to Italy for 3 weeks. I am wondering about the itinerary I have planned. I am afraid it might be a little too much. Any suggestions appreciated.

I plan on taking both train and car, but having trouble figuring out the logistics, which would be better going from where to where

Here goes:

Land in Zurich, stay one night, take the train thru the Alps to Domodossola, where my grandparents came from.

Stay in Domodossola for 3 nights.

Cinque Terre 3 nights

Venice 3 nights

Tuscany where we will stay for 5 or so days and do day trips, including Florence

Rome, for 3 nights or so and leave for home from there

Grdaught is 20 years old.

thnx much.

Does it sound like I am doing too much moving around?


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It would be helpful to know when you're going. The time of year influences a lot of these decisions.

I like your decision to stay at least three nights each place. Very wise and it makes for a much more enjoyable and less hectic time.

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We are going to be in Italy from May 26 to June 14

thnx for the quick response!

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You're covering some big distances between destinations. I think you can do most of this by train but you'll need to plan your trip from Domodosolla to the CT carefully. Several transfers. By the way, unless you have relatives still there, I'll bet you see most of Domodossola in an afternoon. If you have a car, consider a day trip to Lake Orta.

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Well, Doug, I found an itinerary of Rick's - favorite places to stay in Italy. Covers the main cities/towns only in a different order. I can use that as a guide.

You are correct, I have to relatives still in Italy but when I went over 2 years ago I met several people with whom I have been emailing. I will be seeing them. Also, I plan to do some research on my grmother's family, so I will be in Domodossola for several days.

By the way, I will be in a very small mountain town, Trasquera, which is a bit above Domodossola.

But, I may stay in Domo for some days, it is such a pretty town.

Thanks for the heads up. I'm getting over my anxiety about the itinerary and now I can start more planning.

Do you think I will be able to find a room in Rome when I get there. Because we will be passing thru several small towns I would hate to be too structured in order to get to Rome on time.

Or am I inviting disaster! We will probably leave for the airport from Rome if we can find a hotel which will arrange for a taxi so early in the morning.

Sorry this is such a long post! But, thanks again to all who have shared with me.

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I think anyone that goes to Italy HAS to see the Amalfi coast. It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

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Yes, we were there several years ago and loved it.

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NanC, I don't really have anything to add but have fun. I was very close to my maternal grandmother...we did everything together. Both of her parents were from Bologna and she spoke Italian fluently. I grew up in a traditional Italian house where my grandparents lived in one flat, and my parents and us kids lived in another...sort of an extended family. She taught my sister and I how to make handmade tortellini...a tradition we still hold dear as our children make them with us now every Christmas.

I would have loved to travel to Italy with her.

Have a wonderful time. How lucky your granddaughter, and you, are.