3 star hotels near the Termini or in the center of the city

We will be spending one night in Rome before we join our tour and afer the tour is over and need a hotel that is centrally located with good ground transportation nearby.

There will be 2 couples, no kids and we usually stay in 3 star hotels. Does anyone have a favorite.



Posted by Liz
Malaga, Malaga, Spain
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We stayed at the Hotel Kennedy near Termini a couple of years ago and could recommend it.

Posted by Darcy
Lewiston, Idaho, USA
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In 2005 eight of us stayed 3 nights at a Rick recommended hotel, the Hotel Aberdeen, and really enjoyed absolutely everything about it. Only great things to say, not one negative comment from anyone.

Posted by Susan Vander Hoek
Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
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Hotel Aberdeen is a great choice. Stayed there last week with my husband, we had what they called a small french room for 120 Euros and my college age son and his friend had a double with two beds for 140 euros. The staff was friendly, the location terrific, liked the decor and it exceeded our expectation for Rome. We have paid more for hotels in Rome but this was an excellant value.

Posted by Jeff
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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I highly recommend the Hotel Italia. Don't recall whether it is a 3-star or 2, but it was safe, had a nice breakfast, and the staff was very helpful (as Rick's book states).

Posted by Devra
Lake Forest, CA
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We stayed at the 3-star Hotel Trevi (one cobblestoned block from the fountain) and had no complaints. Don't remember cost, though it was reasonble, as it was part of a fly-hotel package. Excellent breakfast. You should also check venere.com.

Posted by Susan
Orange Park, FL, USA
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My daughters stayed at the Hotel Aberdeen and really liked it there. My husband and I are going to Rome late May and are staying at the Albergo del Senato right next to the Pantheon. We have heard great things about it. I do know it is 3 star.

Posted by DiDi
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Thank you to all for your hotel recommendations for our visit to Rome. It is really a big help

The Aberdeen and the Hotel Italia seem to have the best reviews on Rick Steve's graffiti wall as well as the Trip Advisor bulleting board and we are waiting to hear back on rates and availibility. Will keep you posted.

Posted by Susan
Atlanta, Ga, USA
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We did not like the Aberdeen. Our room was very noisy--the walls were thin and we could hear the toilet flushing next door and we got noise from Via Nazionale as well. We had twin beds that were more narrow than usual--like you would have in a college dorm room. I found it hard to believe the Aberdeen could qualify for three stars. A disadvantage to staying in this area is the lack of interesting restaurants. Our favorite restaurants were near Pantheon, Navona, etc.

Posted by Charles
Katy, Texas, USA
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In my opinion the Aberdeen is the best place to stay in Roma. We have stayed there many times and never had any of the problems mentioned by Susan. However, if you did, all you have to do is mention it to Annamaria and she will change you to another room. As to places to eat, there is a good restaurant, Target, one block away and just a half block further at the Esedra Mall is another good restaurant with good gelato and take out too. In addition there is an alimentaria a few steps outside the Aberdeen door where you can get sandwiches, pizza or the makings for a nice picnic.

Posted by DiDi
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Thank you for your responses, we really appreciate it. We have narrowed down our choices to the Hotel Aberdeen or the Hotel Italy and want to know if anyone can help us evaluate the pros and cons of these places. Noisy nights are a big issue with us.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Wow -- not sure if Susan and I stayed in the same hotel. Our big issue with Aberdeen is that we cannot always get reservations. In our four attempts to stay there we have been successful only twice. I thought it was a quiet area on a side street. We have never noticed any unusal noise from Via Nazionale which is over a block away. There is always a background level of street noise whereever you are. Besides the restaurants mentioned by Charles, Ristorante da Giovanni is a great local place a couple blocks away and there is even a McDonalds on the corner for the kids. We have been forced to stay in other three stars in the area (Sonya & Contilia - recommended by Aberdeen). While they all had the same rating, Aberdeen (IMO) was notch better especially at the breakfast. Aberdeen serves an excellent expresso or latte to order.