3 Extra days-what would you do?

Hi, we have the lucky problem of having an extra day in between two week long stays- We will be in Montepulciano Tuscany for 1 week at an agriturismo-(Sat to Sat stay). We plan next to go to CT for 2 days which would put us there Sat night and Sunday night before heading to Nice where we have an apt resevered from Tuesday for a week-followed by 5 days in Provence. I should mention that we will be in Rome before Tuscany. We could stay 3 nights in CT but most of the group are not hikers so I think 2 nights will be enough. Would a one night stay in Florence be good? Turn our rental vechile after Montepulciano and stay the night in Florence, train the next day to CT or should we extend our stay by one night in Nice arriving on Monday instead of Tuesday? Or---What do you suggest?
Thanks for all replies

Posted by Zoe
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I have found that Mondays are good travel days (especially for longer trips) because, in Italy anyway, most museums close on Mondays. Are you planning daytrips while you are in Montepulciano? Can you extend your stay by one day there? Are you planning to visit Florence as a daytrip (or 2 daytrips)? Both Florence and Nice have a lot to recommend for an extra day. If it comes down to which day to travel to Nice, I'd suggest making Monday the travel day.

Posted by pat
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Dianna, if you don't mind me asking, but when exactly is trip, because I am wondering what you plan to do in Nice for a week if this is a winter trip?

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How to spend your extra one or three days (your header says three, but the explanation only refers to one day) depends on the interests of your group. If you like history and culture, especially Reansaissance, then yes, spend your extra time in Florence. In fact, if you like Renaissance history and culture, consider spending more of your time in Florence vs. a week at the Tuscan agriturismo. Except for the not being hikers, and assuming your trip will be in the late Spring or Summer, I would have suggested more time in the Cinque Terre.

Posted by Dianna
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Yes, the trip is in summer, the last part of June into July. To explain a little better- we have 3 days from the time we leave the agritourismo before our booked apt in Nice. I thought it would be great to have some down town in CT-2 nights-which would leave 1 additional night. From our base in Tuscany we have planned many day trips including to Siena, but not Florence. I thought it might be nice to turn in rental car and then spend one night in Florence and train the next day to CT.
This would give us the afternoon and the next morning in Florence. My concern with this plan is only staying 1 night and then the next 2 nights someplace else...is this to much as far as checking in and out? We are pretty set on seeing CT. Grazie for your replys.