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sim card

I need a cell phone to use a cim card, yes? i have just read all the threads on cell phones, sim cards, etc. and since i do not have a cell phone, I am totally confused. all I want to do is have a way to make a call from the train station to a party in that same town. Grazie, k

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One option you might consider would be to buy an unlocked quad band GSM phone such as This One for $67.77. You only need a "basic" model, not one with data or internet capabilities.

When you arrive in Europe, just buy a PAYG SIM card at the nearest cell phone shop (or even the airport) and you'll be able to make calls. You could also use one of the travel SIM cards from Cellular Abroad, Telestial, Mobal, Roam Simple or others. Be sure to check their rates carefully though, so that you have a clear understanding of the costs.

Happy travels!