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Needs some guidance...going to Italy in September and we are a bit confused on the whole adapter/converter thing. I'll be bringing along a travel hairdryer, so can anyone tell us what we should bring so that I don't burn up the hairdryer! Dual voltage? If it's dual voltage, do you need a converter or just an adapter? Which adapter do we need to purchase?
Any help would be appreciated!

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My wife used to bring a hair dryer and even those with dual voltage never seemed to work full strength. Adapter only work up to a certain wattage. Check with your hotel and see if they provide hair dryers.

But to answer your question check out this web page:

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Our converter held up, but it caused failure of 2 hairdryers. It did work for charging camera batteries.

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If you have a travel hairdryer, it should be set up to work on both US and European voltages 120/240. Check the dryer to see if you must manually switch it over (sometimes the switch looks like you need to put a quarter in it and "flip" it). In the case that it is pre-set for 120/240, which it should be, you don't need a second converter for this or most modern electronics such as for a computer or battery charger (again, check for the 120-240 designation). The only thing you need is a prong-adapter.

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Do consider not taking a hairdryer. I have traveled either to Europe or the UK for the last 3 years & every single accomodation has had a hairdryer either in the room or one you could borrow.

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You will risk your hairdryer. Or, if the hairdryer survives, you risk the rath of the hotel for blown fuses. My sister-in-law and I blew fuses three mornings in a row!!! We were both using our hairdryers at about the same time and overloaded the circuits. The third morning the hotel's owner (a very nice gentleman) brought us a hair dryer and asked us to please use that one, "it will work much more quickly" he told us. No mention of blown fuses, just a helpful hint...

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IF it's a a travel hairdryer, chances are there's a little switch, to switch between our 110 volts and their 220-240 volts. If that's the case, then you only need a plug ADAPTER to fit the American plug into a European receptacle. If not, then you need a power CONVERTER as well, to step down their 220-240 volts to our 110 volts. Power adapters usually come in two flavours....a low-wattage one (say up to 150 watts) to power your computer or recharge your batteries...and a high-wattage one (1600 to 1800 watts) to use for power-hungry things like hair dryers. You can recharge batteries using a 1600-watt converter (although it'll take longer than usual), but you cannot use a hair dryer with a 150-watt converter, or you'll blow the hotel fuse, the converter, and possibly the hair dryer!