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Walking GPS

I am looking for a handheld GPS for pedestrian use with turn-by-turn instructions that can be used in Italian cities such as Naples, Sorrento, Rome, Florence, Assisi, Milan, Venice (to name the most important.) What models are available and what models should I consider? Thank you in advance.

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My first reaction to your post is that having a GPS may have a couple of negative effects:
1. You make yourself conspicuous to pickpockets/thieves. It will look like a nice toy that they will want to have.

2. You may spend so much time following the directions that you may miss out on the charm of the places you are visiting. Especially Venice. Venice is a town to stroll through & discover. It is small and it's an island. So technically, you cannot get very "lost." Getting lost may be some of the fun of the trip.

I would recommend getting some of the "StreetWise" maps for places you are going. They are small, laminated & you can get them at your local bookstore (Barnes & Noble or Borders, etc.)

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I think a GPS is great for auto travel but not necessary for walking.Rick Steves books give very good directions to find almost anything you want to find.I agree that in Venice getting lost is half the fun.