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carry-on baggage

I'm hoping this will be my last post here before we head out on Wednesday - but I won't guarantee it! You guys have been great with answering this first-timer's questions!

I've just discovered that our roll-on train case style luggage that we planned to use as carry ons, are about 1/2 or 1 inch larger than the Air Canada and British Airways restrictions, unless I really squish down the soft handle on the top (perhaps with tape?). This feels a bit too close for comfort for me and I guess I'm gonna go try to find two slightly smaller bags.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good brand/style of bag that I could purchase at a department store? No time to order on-line now.

Thanks again,

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I normally use a small Daypack for carry-on which works well, as it's somewhat "compressible".

You might have a look at Kelly's Luggage Ltd. in Dartmouth. I found two locations for them, one on Micmac Dr. and one on Spring Garden Road (perhaps they have more than one outlet?). A specialized luggage store would probably have a better range of choices than a department store.

Just curious, where are you going?

Happy travels!

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I'm not sure how strict Air Canada or British Airways is (never used them), but only being an inch over limit wouldn't stress me out too much. I think I would just gamble and try and use the luggage.

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I would surmise you could find Eagle Creek luggage at a sporting goods store.

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The only "official" Eagle Creek dealer that I could find in the Maritimes is in Saint John's, Newfoundland.

There may be "unofficial" dealers though, including sporting goods or "hiking" stores.


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If I read correctly, you are including the handle in your measurement. It is my experience that they only measure the case itself, if they measure it. Just be careful not to overpack any outside pockets the bag may have. This might make fitting it in the overhead compartment difficult. Sounds like the luggage you have is probably ok. In all my flights I have only had bags weighed (if the airline has weight restrictions) not measured.

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I noticed that both my Eagle Creek and RS carry-on bags were a bit too large according to Swiss Air regulations, but that because when you convert measurements from English to metric, it does not result in whole, round numbers. And of course, the airlines will use whole numbers when stating their measurements--meaning the numbers will differ just a bit.

Um, does that make sense?

So, it was no problem at all for me, but we need more info to determine if that's a problem for you.

So, first tell us what kind of bags you have and what the measurements are and maybe people can advise you.

Second, of course I recommend RS bag and Eagle Creek Tarmac. I love them both. I bought both at a luggage store--not online.

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From the British Airways site (which probably you already have seen):

The standard-sized bag is no more than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22ins x 18ins x 10ins), including the handle, pockets and wheels.

The bag must be able to be:

- fitted into the gauge available in the check-in area

So the measurements include the handle AND the wheels, AND the bag must fit inside the box they have at check-in. Of course, who knows if the check-in folks at each of your stops will actually pay that much attention to your bag . . . good luck!

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George, thanks for the informative post. Yes, I might be a little nervous if the restrictions are so tight. A few years ago we traveled on a London to Salzburg flight (don't remember the airline) where they were very picky about weight and we were stuck with a hefty over-weight charge. Won't risk that again. Still, I have never had my bags actually measured for carry-on size.