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Venice: Airport to hotel?


I'll be taking the Rick Steves tour to Venice, Florence, and Italy in the coming months and was wondering about transportation from the airport to our hotel. My flight arrives in Venice just after 2pm and the tour starts at 4pm (a change of an hour earlier made after I already booked my plane tickets). What would be the fasted option to get from the airport to the hotel? I am not concerned with the cost, as, truthfully, I want to make sure I meet up with the tour group in plenty of time to enjoy my vacation. Thanks for your help! :)

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Wait for others to post also, but, sorry to say, it is a shuttle bus from airport to wharf, where you take a private water taxi across the bay and be dropped off as near to your hotel as possible. $$$$

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There are two airports serving Venice. The one serving larger airlines (VCE) is about a one-hour shuttle-boat trip into Venice. The airport serving smaller airlines is connected to Venice via a one-hour bus trip then the vaporetto (boat bus) to your hotel area. I think either shouldn't take more than two hours airport to hotel.

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I am assuming that you are flying into Marco Polo Airport. There are 3 options to get from the airport to Venice (San Marco). 1st is to take a bus to the point to a parking lot (next to the train station). This is cheap, the buses run pretty regular. From there you would need to get on the public water "bus". This whole process can take about 1-1.5 hours depending on where your final destination. Option 2 is to take the Alilguna, this is a public transport system (privately owned) boat that runs from the airport to several stops in Venice. again 1-1.5 hrs. The third option, private taxi, will cost you 100E (notipe) you will have a private boat to where ever you need to go. I have done all 3, recommend the private taxi, esp. if time is an issue and money isn't. It is a nice treat. After you get your luggage, walk out and you will see a sign for TAXI, they will give you a slip and you will walk down to the dock (10 minute walk). I LOVE VENICE!!!

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We stayed at the Marriot ony 900 meters to the airport.. It offered complimentary shuttle service and the hotel was fantastic... It was $165 USddls which seems a little high when you're on a budget... but our flight left Marco Polo at 6:40 and it was truly worth the money.

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We're taking the same tour in November...there will be four in our group and from what I understand a private water taxi is 60euro...I'm told that is NOT per person...someone correct me if I'm wrong!!!! I would suggest you do the you start your trip out "right" need to stress if you don't have to..and from what everyone has told me it is quite a nice trip!!

Perhaps there are others in your tour arriving at the same time...maybe you all could go in together for the cost?

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Jody has it right. A private taxi is currently 100 euros from the airport--that's total, not per person. It's the quickest but most expensive way to go.

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I took the VFR tour in early May. We took the private water taxi from the airport to the Zattere stop which was very close to the Hotel Belle Arti (tour hotel). Cost was 100 euros, which we split five ways. Almost as cheap as the Alilaguna and certainly much faster to our destination.