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student IDs

To get the student price on tickets to major sites, will an actual student ID from my daughter's school work, or must I get her an international student ID card? Also, my son is 13, and attends a middle school which doesn't issue student IDs. Will Italians recognize him as a student?

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You need to get them the International Student's ID card. That card, however, is frequently accepted all over Europe. Regarding your 13 y/o check As far as I remember it's about being under a certain age rather than being an actual student. I might be wrong though.

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I got a student card for my niece when we went to Ireland. I needed a letter from her school saying she was a student and a couple of passport pictures. We didn't really use it very much but it made for a nice souvenir. Here is a link to the organization I used.

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It's also important to realize that student discounts will not always be granted, even with an International Student ID card (ISIC). Often in Italy, for example, you'll notice signs saying that discounts are valid for students from European Union countries. I took a group of students last month and the ability to use their ID cards for discounts at museums and historic sits was uneven.