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internet access

I will be traveling to Rome, CT, Montepulciano, Florence and Venice from Oct 6 - 18. I will need to go on the internet for about an hour at least twice during my travels (unfortunately). I am taking an online course and it is imperative I check in.
Is it easy to find internet cafes in these cities?
I have a laptop with wireless internet access, however I dont want to lug this around if it is unlikely I will be able to pick up a signal.
What do you think?

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You shouldn't have any problems at all. I've never been to Italy (going in 6 weeks!!) but have traveled through Europe a few times and there were tons of places to get online, much more than you find here at home.

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Internet access available anywhere in larger towns from 50 cents to 3 euro per hour... no need to bring a laptop.


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There are definately internet cafes available in Italy, but do remember to bring your Passport with you. By law, you must produce your Passport (or similar photo id) before they can allow you to go on-line.

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I agree with the ease of finding ICs in Italy. When you pay for the terminal be sure to ask to have the keyboard set to English fonts. It will save time to do it before you begin use.