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4 Countries in 6 Weeks....

Well, it is actually 6 countries in 8 weeks, but the first 2 weeks in London & France we have planned. There are 3 of us - my husband, son (10) and myself. We want to see Italy, Spain, Portugal $ Greece. My questions....
Can we do it all in 6 weeks?
Specific highlights or DO NOT MISS cities?
1 week in Sardinia?
1 week on a beach in Spain?
Thanks for any insight....

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I think you're trying to see to much. It's exhausting to fly from city/country to another location, pack/unpack. You're obviously going to miss a lot if you plan on seeing 6 counries in 8 weeks. But that's just my opinion, it's your trip.

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I sure think you can do it and have a ball. 6 weeks is a long time to be traveling thru Europe and you can see a lot!

With the cheap airfares in Europe and all the trains, rental cars, etc. it's easy to get around. I'd spend 2-3 nights in each place to get an overview and move on. You can then go back and do all the places you liked best.

Do not miss the best ones you like in Rick's Best of Europe book. You might catch some out of the Eastern Europe book too.

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I break it down by city - I've done 5 cities in 16 days (Amsterdam, Paris, London, and Madrid/Leon), and 3 cities in 16 days (Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm). So, your itinerary is doable.

However, I did feel pretty rushed at the end of my first 5-city trip, and more relaxed during my 3-city trip. If you push yourself too hard you'll wear out. There's no reason to try and do too much, especially since you'll never see it all anyway (or savor it if you go too pell-mell).

Expect that you'll return someday, and save some goodies to look forward to. For example, perhaps you could save Greece for another time, since your other countries are somewhat connected to each other? And you may want to linger in, say, Paris, or decide to add Amsterdam on a whim (as I did w/London).

Anyway, it's up to you - have fun either way!