Train station lockers

My friend and I are traveling via train most of our trip and we might be arriving earlier than check in time for the hotels. How safe are the train station lockers to store your luggage, how big are they, and how much are they? We are traveling to Amsterdam, Germany, and Italy. We would most likely use the lockers when we are in Rome though. I've never been on the trains, but I heard of storages that you can use. Also, Does anyone know how far the Vatican is from the Rome Termini train station? Is it walking distance?

Posted by Doug
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Safety is fine Most places have baggage check rooms rather than lockers, but no worry except about hours of opening.

The Vatican is a ways from Termini. It would be a long walk. Better to take the subway.

Posted by Ron
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David's correct... It's a long walk. Take the A line Metro from Termini to Ottaviano stop (6 stops) or ride the 64 or 40 bus from Termini.


Posted by Kristen
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Thanks for the advice!! Have you ever used the bag check before at the train stations? I'm worried our bags wont be there when we get back to collect them.

Posted by Mark
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As Ron says, take the A line. I would avoid bus 64 as it can be full of people trying to pick your pocket.

Posted by Larry
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Please stop worrying about the bag check. The larger train stations in Italy have STAFFED luggage storage areas. They place your luggage behind counters and they watch it. In Pisa, they make a copy of your passport picture and place it with the luggage. You have to show your passport to get your luggage back. The cost is usually 3Euro per bag. I haven't used the facility in Rome Termini so their methods may be different. Lockers are long gone from the larger Italian train stations.

CLICK HERE to see a map of the Rome Metro system. You can easily follow Ron's instructions on this map.

Posted by carl
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Most counters where you can leave luggage are called "Left Luggage"; so be sure to ask correctly when you search for it.

Evidently they are safe because in reading travelers reports for over 20 years I have never heard of a problem with them. They are assuredly more dependable than trusting airlines with your bags.

Because of security concerns most air and RR terminals have disposed of lockers. The Left Luggage counters run bags through security machines to search of bombs. Some even move baggage to an off-sight location for safety.

Posted by Ron
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Carl - don't I wish Italy was a "modern" as you suggest. They do not have bomb detectors or X-ray units at Italian train stations. You'll see them in Spain for obvious reasons! Fortunately, there has not been any incidents here - as of yet - that warrant that level of investigation... Hope it stays that way!

Kristen, the "Left Luggage" area is on the lower level of Termini near the track (24) that the Leonardo Express comes into. If you are standing looking out AT all the trains it would be to your FAR RIGHT. Sometimes the lines are long for drop off but usually pick up is not too bad. Just give yourself plenty of time and you'll have no problems! You can find a picture of the Left Luggage area on this link, CLICK HERE

Enjoy Rome!


Posted by Sally
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We just got back from a cruise from Rome. When we disembarked from the ship, our plans were to drop our luggage off at the Termini train station. Our flight did not leave until 8:00 p.m. from Rome. When we got to the train station the line to drop off luggage was about 1 1/2 hours long. The pick up didn't look too bad. We assumed the line was long because it was high traveling season. We opted to take our luggage across the street to have some lunch and then went to the airport early. You just need to be flexible and allow for more time than expected in some places in Europe.

We had seen Rome/Siena 5 days before the cruise so we were able to see the highlights of Rome in those few days.

You could walk to the Vatican but the subway would be a more time efficient way to do it.

Have fun!

Posted by Mike
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I have checked bags several times and feel it is safe. There are no lockers in Italy anymore, probably not in other countries either, due to fears of terrorism. So it's either checked baggage or carry it.

Posted by Debra
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Good to know you can leave luggage at the train station in Pisa. Does anyone know about Vicenza? We'd like to stop over there for part of the day enroute from Venice to Milan.

Posted by Brenda
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Does anyone know how long you can leave bags? Especially in Venice, would like to just walk around with enough for one night and leave everything else.

Posted by Donna
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While we're on the subject, does anyone know of a place to store luggage in Positano? I'd like to spend a few hours there between Sorrento and Amalfi, but I sure don't want to be dragging a suitcase. Grazie!

Posted by Bob
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No one has mentioned this obvious tip:

Pack one half of what you consider to be the bare minimum. Over the course of your trip, you will be learn what is really essential. Next time it will be easier.

Have a great trip!