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2019 Mille Miglia in Rome?

If you're familiar with the Mille Miglia (annual historic sports car event running from Brescia to Rome and back) maybe you can help me. We want to see the cars when they're in Rome May 16-17 this year, and then drive along with them on their way from Rome to Siena. The "Special Race Regulations" for this year's event (at show the following:

Thursday 16 May 2019 20:00 Arrival of first car – Leg 2 Roma, Villa Borghese

Friday 17 May 2019 06:00 Lining up for start of Leg 3 Roma, Parco de’ Medici (minimum 30’ before the individual starting time)

06:30 Departure of first car - Leg 3 Roma, Parco de’ Medici

So what's the best way to see the cars? I don't understand how they can arrive at Villa Borghese Thursday night but leave from Parco de Medici Friday morning. Which specific place(s) and time(s) will the cars be available to view? And to be able to drive along with them on their way out of Rome, can you just get on the road with them, or do you have to get some sort of window sticker, or what? Any help would be appreciated!

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