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20 days in Europe

We are flying into Rome and ending our 22 day trip in Denmark this June. We love the beach, hiking, food and architecture. Amalfi coast is scheduled. Any trip ideas for other countries must see?

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That's a really broad question... there are so many things to see between Rome and Denmark!
Besides, while it is impossible to know what the situation will be in June, planning a trip across many countries is difficult these days due to ever-changing Covid-related requirements. Bearing that in mind, and assuming that Denmark is a must for you, I would just fly between Italy and Copenhagen, and perhaps spend 15 days in Italy and 7 in Denmark (about which I know nothing)?

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Assuming your trip needs to be pretty much nailed down in advance, I agree that it would be smart to stick to two countries. In this case, the distance between them dictates flying. I use to check schedules and fares for European flights, then I book on the airline website. You could spend many times 20 days just in Italy, so it's hard to know what to recommend. There's good hiking in the Dolomites, but they are far from the Amalfi Coast.

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I'd probably take the train from Italy to Denmark and make a few stops along the way. Don't know the most efficient route but do know the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Berner Oberland part of Switzerland is accessible via rail and is beautiful with lots of hiking trails. The Alsace region of France is a rail-accessible place with wonderful towns and wine villages. Germany is another country worth spending a few of your 22 days experiencing! Enjoy your journey!!!

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Amalfi coast is scheduled.

I'd try to fly into Naples, to avoid backtracking.

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On second thought, if the conditions are right, you could plan an overland route from Italy to Copenhagen, but as you can see from my first outline below, it is a tight schedule.
- Amalfi Coast: 3 nights
- Rome: 4 nights
- Florence: 3 nights
- Dolomites: 3 nights
- Munich: 2 nights
- Nürnberg: 2 nights
- Berlin: 3 nights
- Copenhagen: 2 nights (night train between Berlin and Copenhagen can help for that last leg)

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From Salerno you can take a direct train to Venice S. Lucia station (5h 45m).
From the Venice S. Lucia station take a direct overnight train to Munich (8h 45m) and sleep in a sleeper car. Good day trip options include Dachau (15-minutes) and Salzburg (1h 45m). To explore Bavaria consider staying elsewhere nearby which will be best by car.
If you have time take a direct train from Munich to Berlin (4h 15m).
You can then fly to Copenhagen nonstop from either Munich or Berlin.