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20 days a work in progress.

As reality is setting in we are making some changes to our trip. Here is a new try with the use of trains.
Fly into Rome for 4 nights.
Train to Sorrento for 3 nights.
Train Sorrento to Venice Via Pisa (long day).
Venice for 3 nights
Train to Zermat 2 nights
Train to Paris for 4 nights & Fly to London
London for 4 nights.

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I think I took the train you found between Rome and Pisa, and yes, it was a nice ride along the coast. Pisa however was not my favorite. If it's anything like this last summer, you'll have to wind around a lot of dirty construction if you attempt to walk to the tower from the station, and it was a good 20-30 minute speed walk for us.

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I did see a train to Pisa from Rome.
3 hours. Could we just do a long day trip?
8 hour day 6 on a train and 2 at the tower.
Some say its a nice ride along the coast.
Do they have a bullet train to pisa?

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Why not use the day you are thinking of as a day trip from rome and stay one night in Siena.Arrive early and take a bus to Pisa.Siena is a nice town to visit and you wouldnt spend a whole day on the train.

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I agree, we only want to see the tower.
I have also been looking at driving VS train.
I used Rick’s train cost/time page and it looks like 5 people going Rome-Sorrento/ Sorrento-Venice/ Venice-Zermat/ Zermat-Paris is $2600 (or more don’t know how up to date the cost is with Euro now). Add to this any Taxi and side trips to Pompeii, Amalfi drive....the cost will be well over $3000+ A car will be about the same, now I am thinking of driving again.

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As RS says, Pisa was worth two hours as a stop on your way somewhere else. We flew from Naples to Venice (flight time under an hour). You might consider shelving Pisa and turn that 8 hour train ride into a few hours in the airport and a few extra hours in Venice.
Ed in Seattle

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After 4 days in Rome, how would renting a car for 3-4 days and driving to Sorrento be?
We would day trip to pompeii, MtV, amalfi drive, capri, etc. Return the car in Napoli and fly to Venice....Seems flying costs less than the train.

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honestly? I would take the night train from Naples-Venice. Do you REALLLY NEED to do Pisa? it works well as a daytrip from Florence...but too far (in my opinion) from Rome or Venice - and I REALLY would not give up time in Venice for Pisa.