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2 weeks in Italy

We are flying into Florence in October and plan to visit Italy for two weeks flying out of Rome. We have put together the following schedule;

Florence - 3 nights
Venice - 2 nights
Siena- 2 nights
Sorento - 2 nights
Rome - 4 nights

We'd like to know what is the best way to spend time in Siena and Sorrento! In Sorento we plan to spend a day exploring Amalfi coast. Thanks for your recommendations/suggestions.


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Taking your flying into Florence and out of Rome as givens, the geographic sequence will be somewhat awkward no matter what order you do them in, so your sequence is one way to do it. Because Siena is close to Florence, some would do Florence - Siena - Venice - Sorrento - Rome, that would probably be my preference. Others would do Florence - Siena - Venice - Rome - Sorrento - and backtracking to Rome for your flight out but that probably means an extra night in Rome the night before your flight.While in Siena you can take a day trip tour of one or more Tuscan Hill Towns, if you wish. While in Sorrento, the Amalfi coast can be done as a day trip.