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2 Weeks in Dolomites and Lake Garda family of 4

I'm hoping someone can help put the pieces of my itinerary together better/or in a more logical order. The plan is a late June into July 2 week trip to visit the Dolomites and Lake Garda. Traveling with a 10 and 7 year old, based on previous forums, start are journey with flying into Venice, renting a car and heading straight to Ortisei? Not sure if we should stay in one place the entire time in dolomites or divide that into two locations. (not interested in Venice!)(was thinking 6 nights in Dolomites and 6 in Lake District). thoughts? Basically what makes a good base for exploring, in the two locations-open to moving around a bit-prefer to avoid crowd when possible. Open to suggestions, appreciate the help!

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This June-July? And you haven’t’t booked hotels yet? If so, best limit the number of moves because many places will be fully booked, and many have minimum stay requirement. So one place in Ortesei and one at a lake.

You say Lake District and also Lake Garda. There are lots of lakes but Garda is the closest to the Dolomites.

The town of Garda has water parks and a theme park that would be fun for the kids but it is very touristy and will be crowded. Actually it will be crowded everywhere so avoiding them won’t be easy.

Where do you fly out of?

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If you have trouble finding a place in Ortisei, try Kastelruth/Castelrotto.

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Consider Glorenza (Glurns) as a second stop in the mountains. Beautiful little town, out of the way with nice hiking options as well as some cool sites to visit. Then south to Garda.

You are very late in booking, especially Garda. Consider the western shore for your stay. Gargnano or Salo. Salo will be more crowded (generally), but both have ferry access.

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Sorry I should have clarified-this is for next summer, 2025! I got a head start because I heard it can be challenging to book a hotel. I had read it’s easier to fly into Venice, but open to altering that as well. Do you think a week in Dolomites and week in Lake District is a good split? And do you think I should stick to one home base per area?

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5063 posts you think I should stick to one home base per area?

Yes. You will lose quite a bit of time each time you relocate. For a two week trip I would suggest staying in only two places and doing day trips from those locations.

With regard to renting a car and driving upon arrival, most people (myself included) suggest against it. You'll be tired, sleepy, jet lagged, on strange turf, and have two kids in the car who might not be in the best of moods. Perhaps take a train to the first stop (kids should love that) and rent a car there. Just something to consider.