2 nights for Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Archeo Museum, where to stay?

My initial question was going to ask where in NAPLES I should stay... After reviewing older similar posts, people seem to say, "Sorrento, hands down!" Given that I am arriving mid afternoon (from siena, either by car or train- will nt drive in Naples of course-) that day: touring Nat Archeo museum, pizza!!! walk around, bed. Next morning: Herculaneum, then Pompeii, more pizza! (Exhausted), bed.
Next morning: early train to Rome for my last 4.5 days in Italy. Would u still recommend Sorento, or does the convenience of Naples override in this circumstance? I of-course want the best experience possible! If so, original question, where in Naples? (Who's on first...)

Posted by Kim
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I say Naples -- it's pretty fascinating and I think you will be better rested and able to enjoy the Museum and the visits to Herculaneum and Pompeii. To me it wouldn't be worth the trouble to relocate to Sorrento. It's not like it's SO fantastic or charming. Unfortunately I don't have a hotel recommendation; we're lucky to stay with family friends when we go to Naples!!

Posted by Cat
Paia, HI, USA
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Thanks Kim, makes sense to me too for convenience.
I read somewhere that by the docks, or by the train station are good options, I'll start my search there.

Posted by Roberto
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Cat, NOT at the station, please. That is not recommendable. The best place is the Mergellina area, along the shore. Not cheap, but that's where you should stay. Chiaia is also another nice area next to Piazza Plebiscito. http://www.bb-napoli.com/bb_napoli/

Posted by gerri
lexington, il
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Two very different choices for Naples. Del Corso B&B close to the train station but before you decide, look at tripadvisor reviews, and the 2nd Hotel Art Resort Galleria Umberto.
Del Corso is very inexpensive and Art Resort more moderatly priced but in a great location to see the historic.

Posted by Nicole P
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Off topic slightly...If you have time...only takes a few hrs...go up Mt Vesuvius...we hooked up with a tour van outside the train stn...they take you most of the way, then you have 60-90 min to walk the rest and look around (this was 08, memory fuzzy)...it is strenuous, the loose soil/rocks means you need good sturdy footwear (not sandals), but the views are amazing, and the van ride can be a little gut-churning on that twisty road...and watching the huge tour buses navigate the hairpin turns is nothing short of miraculous!

Posted by Cat
Paia, HI, USA
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Thank you all for the tips! :) Roberto, I think I'll be heeding your advice, the train station area sounds a little more rugged than a girl from an island-lifestyle is used to. I've been looking at the vaca rentals (great site btw - thx!) around Chiaia; and also been on hotels.com. **Can I ask: how is it recommended to get from train station to hotel/condo with full luggage? Taxi? Greatly appreciated, as always.