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2 - 3 hours in Pompeii!?

I could have spent DAYS there! It was beautiful, magical, tragic, and HUGE. There was so much to see, we wandered for 4 hours and barely scratched the surface. And I wanted to bring home one of the orphans of the (C)Ave Canem project...
If you like geology, archeology, or dogs, ignore Rick's advice and plan to be in Pompeii for WAY WAY more than a few hours!

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If you plan on spending days in Pompeii Scavi then at least spend your nights in beautiful Sorrento with those dramatic seaside cliffs overlooking the blue Mediterranean.

Personally I was happy to spend a few hours and move on. My wife is a history teacher and could probably have spent a couple more hours, but neither of us could have ever spent days there.

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I think Rick would consider himself a failure if tourists used his guides as a minute by minute rule book.

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Thank you "otter", for your insight. I am sure he would, but if you read what I wrote, I am talking a difference between hours and days. That is not minute by minute.
I am simply warning folks that if they, like me, are fascinated by geology and archeology, then plan to stay in Pompei (new town not Scavi), or nearby Sorrento, or Salerno and take DAYS to visit, instead of hours.
My next trip to Italy will be all about that, I could see spending an entire week just in Pompei.

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Thank you for your opinion, Tim. I believe many feel as you do. Perhaps even most.
As I said, I am fascinated by geology and archeology. History is pretty cool too, and definitely plays a part.
But I once spent several hours picking the brain of the geologist on staff at the Glacier Museum in Fjærland Norway. I know I am not the only academic in this country who can sit and discuss these topics for hours, and I know I must not be the only person in this country who could be fascinated by what is being done by the archeological staff onsite at Pompei. And for those of you out there who are like me, you know that once you get a scientist talking about their study, that conversation can go on and on. If I had done more research, or someone had posted as I have posted, I would have planned better, and sought out one of the archeologists (like I did at Ostia), and I would have spent my days there, learning. And playing with the dogs, though that would be dangerous, as I was already tempted to adopt...
So my post was directed to those who are of a like mind to me. An admonition to plan better than I did, to do some research, make a few calls, and not regret lack of time.

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We spent hours there as well on our last trip, including a couple of the locked houses. For many on tight schedules though, the 2-3 hour tours can give them enough for them to feel good about their visit. For those who are marking it off their list of things to see, then 2-3 hours may be plenty, especially if they stop there on a hot and crowded day. We just plan on going back again and spending more time for ourselves.....