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1st visit to Italy. Worried about itinerary

We are arriving in Rome and flying out of Milan. I am traveling with 2 women that have been one time before. We are planning 2 nights in Rome then train to Naples, staying one night in Sorrento, then to Florence renting a car and spending about 4 days in Tuscany. Driving to the Cinqua Terra for 2 nights then possibly Venice then Milan. we want to see th Adalfi Coast so should we spend more time in Naples? Is Naples that appealing?

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Opinions I'm sure will differ, but I think I'd echo the advice Rick gives in his book which is assume you'll be back again and not try to do too much. I'm not sure I'm reading your message right, but it sounds like you're starting from Rome and then passing thru Naples on the way to Sorrento; from their exploring the Amalfi coast and then leaving the following day for Florence. I think that would be a stretch.

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Jennifer - We just got back from Italy. We spent 2 days in Cinque Terre (it is awesome); 3 days in Florence one of which was a wine tasting/cooking class in Tuscany with the tour company the Accidental Tourist (amazing); a day trip from Orvieto into Rome (we used a private guide from Through Eternity)and 3 days in Venice. I would have added more days in Rome. I have not heard good things about Naples, but others may feel differently. We flew out of Milan but there is less to do there than elsewhere. Enjoy!

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Sounds like you're going to do some back-tracking. You'll be spending more time in the car/train than at locations, particuarly if you go from Cinque Terre to Venice, then back to Milan (you'll probably drive through Milan to get to Venice). Personally, I loved Venice, but I'd save it for another trip if you want to enjoy your vacation - spend more time in Cinque Terre and save just a day at the end for Milan.

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We would recommend seeing Rome and Tuscany (mostly Florence and side to Sienna). Unless you feel you will not be back, save the rest for later. Enjoy a few places rather than rushing about to many

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Thanks for the advice. I would rather do Naples at another time when exploring south a little more. I will try to change the minds of my fellow travelers. this has been a big help.