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My 6 & 8 year old children are traveling with us to Italy for 3 weeks. I promised my husband that we would take a 4 day swimming/beach break with no sightseeing, possibly a resort? We don't want too touristy, but at the same time can't be too remote because we need the amenities usually offered in bigger places for our kids and close restaurants. When we're in the Amalfi area can we do this? We'd like to stay in a place that we can walk out onto the beach and that has a pool. I know we can do this in the USA anywhere, but that was the deal I made, and if the kids are happy, lets be honest, we're all happy. Any suggestions? or are their better places than Amalfi? We'll be along the western coast of Italy and don't plan on going to the Eastern side or Sicily because of the extra traveling and time constraints. Thank you!

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Amalfi is really beautiful but mostly clifts, not really the best swimming enviroment. Try the Cinque Terre I know one of the towns is pretty resorty and has a nice long beach.

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Monterosso on the Cinque Terra has a real nice beach...maybe the best on the CT. Accommodations and restaurants are close by. Great views, very relaxing. Unfortunately, I do not know of any place in the CT that has a pool.

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I've just seen beach at Amalfi from a seaside cafe,
but it did not look child friendly. I only recall
seeing a couple older kids, 10-12, and none your
children's age. If memory serves the beach at
Positano, just up the coast from Amalfi may be to
your liking.

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The Amalfi Coast does not have a sandy beach. It's rocky or filled with tiny little pebbles that will hurt your feet. Pop up to Sperlonga for a great beach.

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I'm so glad you all told me this! We would have been so disappointed if we arrived there and the kids couldn't swim. The hotels are very vague so it was hard for me to tell by pictures and descriptions. I've never joined a message board before and this saved us some serious uneeded grumbling on a vacation! Thanks again!!

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Has anyone stayed in Positano at a hotel they like? There looks to be swimming & some of the hotels lower down are within walking distance to the beach. What about Sorrento?

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We are going to Massa Lubrense - an area on the tip of the Sorrento Penninsula. We have reserved 4 nights at the Hotel Bellevista which sounds and looks incredible for the price. They have a pool and say they have "access to beaches"

I hope it is as lovely as it looks! I'll find out the end of July.