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Carry on only?

First trip!! Planning to only carry on Rick's bag and not check anything on the way to Italy. I know the 3.4 oz. liquid container rule - but is there a limit to how many 3.4 oz. bottles can be carried on? What about tweezers and fingernail clippers? Are they allowed in carry on now? Anything else that I need to know about carry on? Thanx!

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All the first poster mentioned is accurate. An important note in there is if you wind up having to go through security in Europe on a connection (you may or may not depending on airport or terminal) they will check you based on European requirements, not the US, Know Both. Also, take only the critical liquid items with you, after all, they have shampoo, shaving cream and the like over there too.

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You can take as many 3 oz containers as will fit in a 1 quart baggie. I have always brought tweezers, not sure about the clippers. Also remember foreign countries may have different rules. I travelled last year with some small manicure scissors and was fine leaving the US on United, but they were confiscated by United in Paris prior to boarding. Check the TSA website for the latest information just before packing your carry-on and weed out anything forbidden. Also remember, you cannot bring bottled water or other liquids thorough the security checkpoint.

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I just brought nail clippers - no problem - in my carry on. I limited it to 20# and had more than enough clothes for our 17 day stay!

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Just an update - travelled yesterday from San Francisco to JFK on Delta and then to Rome on Alitalia. Carried on Rick's bag that weighed over 20 lbs. and a backpack. No problems. Didn't have to check anything. And the qt. baggie w/ all the liquids went through w/ no problems.