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First timers

This will be our first trip to Europe and I have the list of things not allowed BACK to the states, but does the same hold true for entering Italy? We are visiting family and they have requested some items unavailable in Polciengo. thanks..

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I don't have a list, but when I arrived at FCO there was no paperwork that we had to complete and turn in and they didn't even stamp your passport. I grabbed my luggage and walked out - I suppose I could have been stopped at some point to have luggage inspected but I didn't, and didn't observe anyone else being inspected.

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We have a layover and plane change in Munich.. then land at Marco Polo... It should be about the same as the States... but I'd hate to lose all that Bronco Bob's BBQ sauce!

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No reason that Bronco Bob's wouldn't be allowed in to Italy. Just don't put it in your carry-on--it won't be allowed. After you pick up your checked luggage, just walk out through the exit in the "nothing to declare" line, along with everyone else.