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What clothing is good to wear in Italy and Spain?

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Please clarify:1) what time of year? 2) clothing for what purpose: beachwear, resorts on the water, touring churches, hiking?

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Oh sorry. I am going in early June and will be walking a lot because it is a trip with school.

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Victoria - I assume from your name that you are female. Also assume you will be in the hotter regions of Italy and Spain. Both my 20 year old daughter and I wear mostly skirts with lightweight knit tops when we are traveling Europe in warm weather. They are MUCH cooler than pants and shorts are really not a good idea in the cities - you can't visit the churches in Italy wearing shorts anyway. Bring a pair if you will be doing any active things - biking, hiking, beach. Depending on where you will be and how hot you get you can possibly leave the jeans at home. June may not be too bad for one pair but in general jeans are hot & heavy. Make sure your tops either have sleeves (again for churches) or you have something to put on top if you are wearing a tank.

I like walking sandals from Ecco, Merrell, etc. My daughter can wear nice flip flops and walk all around but that doesn't work for me.

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I try packing as light as possible. Everything I bring goes with multiple items. One black, lightweight, comfortable dress, that can be dressed up or down with scarves or jewelry. (I always suggest buying yourself a scarf in Italy. It looks great and when you get home it is a wonderful reminder of your trip, everytime you wear it.) I bring a pair of nice black capris, and optional kakis or long pants or jeans in case of cool weather. I usually bring one of each, white and black t-shirts, white and black tanks, one light sweater, and scarves. A wide wrap type scarf can be worn as a wrap skirt, or a shorter dress, or even a blouse. I have worn them in all ways many times. Just have nice belt to help hold them on and carry a few safety pins.

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See they have a variety of "skirts" with built-in shorts. They range from casual to somewhat more dressy. Also, a simple travel dress is always nice. If you wear a tank top, be sure to carry a sweater or shawl to cover-up if you visit churches. Bring a light-weight pair of jeans for the evening hours. Capri's work too. Most importantly bring a COMFORTABLE pair of shoes. I bought a pair of Dansko sandals in 2003, and they have been with me to Italy, Switzerland and Hawaii. They were expensive, but my feel were well taken care of!

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My packing list includes 5-6 t-shirts of a solid color, (one long sleeve, 3 short sleeves, 1-2 sleeveless for warmer days) A lightweight sweater, my favorite skirt that has some cargo pockets and stretches for walking, one pair of capri pants and one pair of shorts (for hiking or beach)

I am not a dress wearer, so my skirt is a great option for daytime sightseeing and evening dining.

My Chaco sandals and one pair of Puma (sport shoes that are worn all over Europe)

rain jacket, Pashmina.

5 pairs undies and an extra bra.

I leave most jewelery at home, wearing my wedding band only, but do bring 2 pairs of inexpensive earrings.

I fit it all in a carry on size bag and never want for more while traveling.