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Travel questions

I will be flying into Leonardo da Vinci airport in Rome, May 10th at 9:20 am......Would I then take a train, or bus, to Hotel Italia? I will be pulling a med. size carry on luggage. Maybe a taxi? I will be traveling with my daughter. (adult) Thank you. Are there public transportation passes to buy in advanse? -Barb

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Thank you for the great info. Especially the specific train station details.

I also checked the car site which is cheaper than a taxi! Thanks....we'll check it out!

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Take a taxi from the airport. Taxi now have a fixed rate from Leonardo/Fiumicino Airport of 40e from the airport to the city center for up to 4 people including bags (assuming all the luggage can fit in one taxi!). You could take the train to Termini and then walk/taxi to your hotel. The taxis from Termini are notorious for playing with meter so the train/taxi options could land up costing you more than a direct ride from the airport. After a transAtlantic flight you will be jetlagged so a simple transfer to your hotel is best. Rome is great walking city - but not with your luggage.

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Barb, Sam’s right on the money!

You’re staying right downtown in a central location – good for you! You’re just off Nazioanle, one of my wife’s favorite “shopping” streets.

From the airport you can come via taxi, a pre-arranged shuttle, or by train.

I agree with Sam, I would do a taxi or shuttle because from Termini you’ll pay just as much if you include two train tickets!

By taxi go to the Taxi Stand at the end of the “C” concourse. Currently I believe the “C” concourse is being worked on (as of 2 weeks ago when I picked up a friend) so all arrivals are diverted through “B” arrivals terminal. Head out the main doors and then GO RIGHT.
Do not be distracted by the many people asking, “Do you need a taxi?” They are not legal and are usually unmetered. Keep going until you see the “official“ taxi stand; cabs lined up and people in a queue. I would have the address of my hotel printed on a piece of paper (In Italian if possible). Verify the billing before leaving!


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Hi Barbara, twice last year, I took the Train from FCO to Termini station and walked 15 minutes to Hotel Italia. The fresh air and sunlight helped me deal with the jet lag. The train cost 11 Euro each and takes 30 minutes. I was pulling a 21" suitcase and a large tote bag. No problems.