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Ostia antica

Has anyone been there? Rick says it is alot like Pompii. I don't have time to go to Pompii, is it worth going to when I am in Rome. I am very intrested in ancient Rome. Is it worth my time? How long would it take can I do it in the morning or late afternoon so I can see somthing eles that day?

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Ostia Antica is well worth seeing. We wound up making a whole day of it, but you could spend a half day and still call it a successful visit. FYI, when we were there in 2001, they offered very good audio guides. In addition, there were several free-lancing archeological folks who were offering their own tours for a modest price. Don't miss the communal
toilets. It was fun to imagine ancient Romans all sitting around, shall we say. I don't remember the exact location, but they were very close to the baths.

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I was there last summer and it is definetly worth the trip. Buy a guide book when you enter and you can tell what everything was used for. I would plan on at the very least half a day but 3/4 of a day would be better.

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I think it is really underrated. It is much more pleasant than Pompeii. No dust and some shade and NO CROWDS. It is very easy to get to via train from Rome and provides a wonderful break from the intensity of Rome. It deserves at least a half a day but combine it with southern Rome -- Pirmide and especially St Paul's Outside the Wall. Only the Vatican is larger (I think I am correct on this point)

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I agree that this sight is underrated. It doesn't receive the publicity that Pompeii does but it is amazing. Ostia Antica is only 45-60 minutes outside of the city center. You can easily spend 3-4 hours there or bring a picnic lunch and spend most of the day. There is also a bar/cafe onsight as well. Ostia Antica is a great alternative to Pompeii and it will allow you to see other things on the same day. It is definately worth your time!

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It's an easy train ride followed by a short walk. We spent a few hours there and had time to do other stuff back in Rome later.

We had nice temperatures in April. I would think it would get really hot there in summer.

There's a lot of interesting stuff, but it's all ruined. It's interesting, but, in my opinion, not a must-see.