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14 days (approx) in Italy in October-north or south of Rome? Train or bus?

Hi. My husband and I are starting off with probably 4 nights in Rome (4th visit, got business to do and seeing familiar sights and friends)flying from Gatwick. We do want to go to Assisi (3/4 nights?) but then where? My husband thinks it's a good idea to go south (too hot when we've been to Italy before in August so now a good time?) -so to Naples? This would mean doubling back to Rome to get there but we could fly back from Naples to Gatwick? If we continue north after Assisi we could go to Perugia or Sienna and then to Pisa? We're good at pottering about, churches, cafes; we do want to see some sea. The places we're looking to stay at in Rome (convents) are getting booked up already -we need to get moving on this. Trains and/or buses? Anyone keen to suggest an itinery please?

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I would def. say go south. Sorrento and amalfi coast is amazing.

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Go and buy a book called "Italy". I am sure there are many out there in England.

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I think you can have a fantastic trip whichever way you go. We were in Piemonte-Tuscany-Cinque Terre-Milan this past October. The locals said it was cold before we arrived, but we were quite surprised by how warm it was when we were there. People were swimming in Vernazza.

If you go north, I think you are spending too many nights in Assisi. I suggest you spend a night or two there and then maybe move on to Cortona. But I am really biased towards Cortona. It is a good town to visit on its own merits. It is also a good jumping off point to go to Siena, Florence (by train), Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza, Arezzo, etc. I have made two trips to Assisi and Spello from there as well. It is very doable. Then you can go to Pisa, hop out and see the Field of Miracles and then head up to the Cinque Terre for a few days where there are beaches.

It sounds like you have plenty of time, so if you want to see Assisi and then go south, it sounds like you have plenty of time to do that. I love the Amalfi coast. If we ever get to go back we plan to stay in Ravello. We stayed in Positano the one time we were there. I really liked it, but my husband fell in love with Ravello when we made a day trip there. We did not make it to Paestum and I really want to do that if I go back. There are beaches at Positano and Amalfi, and probably other towns as well but those are the ones I mainly remember.

When you are in Assisi please consider hiring Anne Robichaud for a tour. She is very enthusiastic about Umbria and is very interesting.

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Hi Sue. Lots of choices. We spent a month in Italy this fall, and chose several towns as a base, from which we daytripped to various other towns. We flew into Rome and out of Venice. It worked well for us. From Rome you could stay in Sorrento from whence you may visit Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Amalfi coast. I wasn't that taken with the Amalfi coast but I know I am in the minority on that count. We stayed in Perugia as a base, and took the train each day to Gubbio and to Spoleto, and the bus to Assisi. Perugia was probably our least favorite but a handy base for Umbria. If you do go to Perugia, be sure to find out about the mini metro which whisks you from train station to the town very easily. The TI office in each town can tell you whether train or bus is better. Personally I think 3/4 nights in Assisi is a lot, but to each his own. We stayed in Florence and took trains to Lucca and Pisa for daytrips. We took the bus from Florence to Siena, and from there a day trip by bus to San Gimingano. From our hotel in Padua we likewise took day trips to Verona, Vicenza, and to Venice...all by train. This type of travel gave us the opportunity to see many cities without constantly packing up and moving on...a tactic that worked well in our younger days but not as welcome now. Overall I preferred the North to the South, but again, different strokes etc. It took some planning and we doubled back because we added another week onto the trip once there but what a great time!

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Many thanks Sherry and Denny. We've now booked our flights to Rome and first 4 nights accomodation -in a convent in Trastevere at 119 euros (the prices certainly have shot up). I think we're veering on flying home from Pisa so need to fill in the gaps after Assisi...probably Sienna...and looking at your suggestions. Thanks for all your positive suggestions. Sue