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VeniceLink Water Taxi - Beware

Ordered and prepaid for 3 Water Taxis to transport my group of children from Hotel to Santa Lucia Train Station on Sunday morning. They didn't show up, they didn't answer their 24 hour emergency phone number, they wouldn't answer emails I sent to them both before and after. That is, until I disputed the charge with my credit card and they debited VeniceLink's account. INSTANT EMAIL from VL...imagine that. They claim they did show up but didn't see us...righto.

Somehow they missed 17 kids and 4 adults and 21 suitecases all standing on the pier on the Grand Canal where they had just delivered us 2 days previously. This is not a company to be trusted. They lied, they left us stranded, they won't refund our money and they forced us to buy 21 vaporetto tickets on the spot.

If you want a reputable company pay a few more Euros and use or just get your hotel to reserve one for you.

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