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1st or 2nd Class

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd class on the train from Milan to Varenna-Esino? I know the difference in price is about 3 Euros but what is the difference in service, etc. Thanks for your help.

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The differences between first and second class on Italian trains are: 1) in first your seat is reserved, in second it's "general admission" (pick your own), 2) there is a bit more room in first (though not much) and a fold up table between seats (in both first and second class there is a row of seats facing you, 3) in first there is an attendent who serves you a drink (juice, water) and offers you a magazine/newspaper (Italian language publication). Anecdotally, passengers in first class tend to be Italian businessmen/women and foreign tourists, second class tourists on a budget and Italians traveling for fun. Not much difference between the two, but sometimes I do first class as a sort of a splurge (since I cant afford it on a plane!).

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The trains between Milan and Varenna are regional trains and there is little difference between 1st and 2nd class. Only on the trains such as Italy's Eurostar do you get a free drink in first class. Even in second class, a lot of trains require a

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Thank you Thomas and William for your replies!

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You can reserve seats in second class and sometimes are required to do so. We see little difference between 1st and 2nd almost always do 2nd class.

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I always go second class unless on business (being paid for by someone else). I also travel sans reservations unless on business (because that's the only time I have to meet a set schedule).

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they didn't bother to give us a drink on the 1st class Eurostar last week to don't pick it for that ;-) we went 2nd class from Rome to Florence and it was fine (reserved Eurostar) - very crowded becasue of Easter...went 1st from Florence to Venice and didn't really notice any difference - actually, our 1st class car had less luggage space (!) and the very nicest one we took was a Eurostar from Venice to Milan...2nd class...but was anewish car and very empty (i.e the three of us had all four seats). all were arranged 2 accross from 2 with a table in between. I DO recommend resetrvations though...SO much more relaxing than scrmbling to try and get seats!! (and I've stood on too many trains in the past)