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help me decide...

Ok I have seen the post Florence vs Venice for honeymoon... now the question for me though is what is better for a 6yr old? I have to go in June, because of school but I am trying to make my trip a little lighter I don't want to be exhausted and if I can extend my time a little bit here and there I would love to. I am thinking that Venice would be better with my daughter but can anyone tell me who has brought their own kids which did they prefer?

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Hi Colleen, I would think a 6 yr old would be much more entertained seeing the water and enjoying a lot of boat trips than seeing statues and paintings.

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That is what I was thinking, I want to be able to do things she likes because this is her trip as well as mine and my husbands. I was thinking I can always come back and stay a week in Tuscany and do Florence then! :)

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I have taken both of my kids to Europe and they adore it so you all will have a terrific time! Each trip I have purposely taken my kids out of school 2-3 weeks early with no problem, you should consider going in May instead or taking time off of school in April for visit and then returning to school again after the trip. Experiencing the world is an incredible learning tool and any principal/teacher can appreciate that &let her do a journal or comparable assignment in lieu of classwork.We have taken 2 different Italy trips - one was a land only trip while the other was a European cruise. My kidsloved both. But in some ways if you & your husband want a bit of alone time -I would recommend European cruise. As a family you can enjoy the ship & shore visits to amazing cities yet have the same bed for your child to sleep in &have safe childcare options for some special time as a couple. We loved roman empire cruise -rome, athens, santorini, sicily, etc ItalyIsSoCrowdedinJune! Best,Kim