12 Day Trip to Italy

Planning on trip to Italy in September. Have a place to stay in Florence the last half of trip from Sunday leaving Saturday. If arrive prior Monday in Rome would have 6 days before going to Florence. Would like to see Rome, Venice, Siena, Cirque T while there. What is best to do before arriving in Florence and what is best to do as day trip from Florence?

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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In 6 days you cannot possibly arrive in Rome and visit Venice, Siena and the .CT (which is 5 towns). You simply don't have enough time. I would suggest a few days in the CT and a day trip to Siena from Florence and skip Rome and Venice this trip. Donna

Posted by julie
leawood, KS, United States
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Thank you. This helps with timing. What about arriving in Rome on a Monday a.m., leave by train to Cinque on Wed. p.m., leave by train to Venice on Fri. p.m., leave by train to Florence on Sunday. Stay Florence, doing day trips (any suggestions?) and leave Sat. a.m. to arrive back in KC on Sat. evening.
Possible, too much?

Posted by Alan
Topanga, CA
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We've done Sienna as a day trip by bus from Florence--very easy, very nice. You get to see the countryside along the way. Rome, I think, if you've never been, is at least 3 nights, if not more. CT, optimally, you'd want at least two nights. Plus, you have to factor in your travel time. Personally, and I may be in the minority, but, I'd blow off Venice. It's nice and all, but, I found Amsterdam to be prettier and I'd rather see Rome, Florence and the CT than Venice. But, again, I'm likely in the minority.

Posted by julie
leawood, KS, United States
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That would make it a much easier trip. Venice seems a little out of the way. Anyone else with thoughts on omitting Venice?

Posted by Katie
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
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We just got back from our first trip to Italy. In 15 days we did Florence, Rome and CT. Like you, we started with a plan to see Venice, but were happy to leave it out this time. There's so much to see in Rome and Florence and we appreciated the fact that we weren't rushing from city to city.

Posted by Sherry
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I agree that you probably should omit either CT or Venice. Which depends on your interests. I can't imagine foregoing Venice for CT; there are a number of places I can find quaint coastal villages, but Venice is truly unique, in my experience. Also, with high speed train, I think it's easier to get to Venice than CT. Suggest you get a guidebook, since only you can decide what is most important to you.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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If you are locked into the lodgings in Florence, then I think you have to leave out either the CT or Venice. You can easily fly into Rome, spend 3 full days (not counting arrival day), then train to CT (or Venice) for 2 days, then train to Florence, visiting places like Siena and San Gimignano as day trips. To get to Venice you will go through Florence, so there's backtracking involved. If you can change your lodgings, and haven't booked flights yet you could just squeeze it all in: Fly into Venice, spend a couple of days, then on to Florence with a day trip to Siena, then a couple of days in the CT and lastly Rome and fly home. You won't have a lot of time anywhere, but you'll have enough time get a feel for each place and hit the highlights.