Train tickets

We are taking our family to Italy in June and will be using the train to get from city to city. Do we have to buy a timed ticket, or can you buy a ticket for the day and board on any train that is going to that city? Let me know if this question does not make sense! Grazie.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Take any regional train you wish. For fast trains like the EuroStar Italia, reservations are required. If you wish, you have up to three hours after the train's scheduled departure to change your reservation to a later train.

Posted by carl
dallas, tx, usa
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You can buy a ticket and use it anytime you choose.

Posted by Kay
Birmingham, AL
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Thanks so much for the insight! It should work out fine with our schedule.

Posted by Glenda
Hixson, Tennessee, USA
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Just be sure that you realize that just having a ticket does NOT guarantee you a seat. Sometimes they sell more tickets for a train than they have seats. Especially in busy times like summer. If you want to be sure you have a seat you need a reservation.

Posted by Jeff
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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And even if you have a reservation, someone might be sitting in your seat. Just tell them it's your seat (see Rick's Italy phrasebook) and they'll usually move. I've never had a problem with Italians not moving, but Americans are another matter--especially the ones who swear they're in the right seat. Last summer it took me awhile to convince four Americans that they were in the wrong car (right seat, wrong coach).